The Most Common AC Issues during Summer

Air-conditioning makes modern life bearable during the summer months. It helps create an indoor oasis that can protect us from the blazing temperatures outdoors. While modern AC systems are incredibly reliable most of the time, they can experience problems that will leave you sweating when the temperatures are at their highest. There are several common air conditioner problems that strike in the summer, and without quick repair and resolution, they can lead to uncomfortable days with no respite from the heat until an AC repair company in Conroe, TX, restores your climate control.

Clean coils

One of the best ways to avoid such costly and inconvenient summer breakdowns is by getting a spring maintenance tune-up by a professional provider of air conditioner service. Even with a seasonal inspection, your AC system could still fall victim to the increased workload and heavy strain put upon it by the summer heat and humidity. There are a few common issues that can lead your AC system to succumb to the high summer demand. Read on to learn a few of the common causes that your AC system can fail in the summer months.

Rapid Cycling

When the temperature and humidity are high, your air conditioner must work harder to maintain the same comfortable temperatures in your home. That task is even more difficult when your system isn’t running at optimal efficiency. Rapid cycling is a condition that occurs when your air conditioner doesn’t rest between cooling cycles. In other words, your AC will run almost constantly, which can cost you in higher energy bills while also stressing the primary components of your HVAC system. When your air conditioner experiences rapid cycling, it’s usually because the coils need to be cleaned, which will allow the system to run more efficiently.

Clogged Filter

If you experience reduced airflow in the summer months, your system won’t be able to keep up with the demand for cold air and your ambient temperature will rise. That creates a cascade of problems. Your system will try to lower the temperature by running constantly, which can cause your condenser coil to freeze. The best way to ensure proper airflow is to clean your filter regularly. The spring and summer months see heavy particulate in the air, which means your filters will become clogged more quickly. Make sure to change them regularly, especially if airflow seems to be impeded.

Lightning strike

Electrical Issues

In the summer, electrical problems can arise that will cause your AC system to malfunction. One of the leading culprits is lightning from violent summer thunderstorms which routinely sweep through and do great damage. Even if lightning doesn’t strike your home directly, the sensitive components of your AC system can be impacted if the energy surge from a nearby lightning strike finds its way into your home. That can lead to issues such as a failed thermostat, burned out blower, flipped breakers, or an AC unit that won’t turn off or on.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your system can’t keep the temperatures down in your home and all other causes have been ruled out, the issue could be refrigerant leakage. Modern AC units use condensed liquid refrigerant to remove heat from the air in your home. If that coolant leaks out of the closed-loop system, the cooling power of your AC is severely compromised. Refrigerant leaks are common in the summer when the unit is under pressure more frequently and must run constantly. A leaky system must be repaired and recharged with refrigerant.

The best way to prevent those uncomfortable summer AC breakdowns is through season routine maintenance performed by a provider of AC service in Conroe, TX. However, even the best maintained systems can fail during the heavy summer load. Visit Best Air Conditioning and Heating Co. at to learn more about how you can avoid costly and inconvenient summer AC breakdowns.